When it comes to your PPE spend, you may not realize that hand protection is costing you a lot more than you think. Take a moment to consider how many glove styles you currently have in use at your facility. Now think about how long those gloves actually last, and how often they're being replaced or swapped out. Is the number higher than you thought? For most people, the answer is yes. 


Here are the most common drains on your hand protection program:

  • Too many styles
  • Replacing gloves too often
  • Hand injuries still happening
  • Compliance is a struggle


Here's what our most efficient customers are doing:

  • Consolidate their PPE 
  • Optimize number of glove styles per facility
  • Improve on quality and reduce quantity
  • Train and educate staff and managers
  • Perform regular (and free!) glove reviews    

If you haven’t had a look at your hand safety program and what it’s costing you, we can help – and we’ll do it quickly and efficiently, all while reducing hand injuries and spending.

Resources to Help Improve Your Hand Protection Program


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