Upgrade my prescription safety glasses

The Ultimate Guide to Safety Prescription Eyewear

Discover our full line of safety frames to fit your style and needs while complying with CSA standards in the Ultimate Guide to Safety Prescription Eyewear.


About the guide:

It takes less than a second to lose your eyesight. In Canada, an estimated 720,000 Canadians sustain eye injuries requiring medical attention yearly.


Workers fail to wear proper eye protection for several reasons; many perceive safety prescription eyewear as unnecessary, uncomfortable or too costly. At Levitt-Safety, we’re on a mission to change that.


We offer industry-leading brands in styles that look and feel good, with customizable prescription lenses and tailored solutions to meet the needs of your workplace. Through any weather or work environment, you can count on Levitt-Safety prescription eyewear to keep your vision clear and your eyesight safe.


Guide highlights:

  • Identifying CSA-approved safety glasses
  • Standard eyewear collection – an economical choice while keeping safety top of mind
  • Premier eyewear collection – all the benefits of our standard line but with more styles and materials
  • Important Features to look for in your prescription safety glasses
  • An introduction to Eyelation – quickly and easily order employees’ approved safety glasses using a kiosk and mobile ordering system
  • Depisteo Vision Screener – medical screening technology designed for occupational health and preventive medicine departments