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Join us on June 29, 2023, at 1 PM ET for an exclusive one-hour webinar and live Q&A with Philip Novac, Vice President of Sales at National Foam.

Learn more about this innovative technology, its applications, why all fluorine-free foams are not created equal and how to convert your fixed system to fluorine-free foam concentrate.


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  • What are the Canadian legislation changes regarding firefighting foam?
  • Is PFAS in my foam?
  • How does fluorine-free foam work?
  • Will fluorine-free foam work in my current fixed system?
  • What is the conversion process of my fixed system?
  • Have companies already converted to fluorine-free foam?


Plus, stick around for a live Q&A after the presentation. Philip will answer any questions about non-fluorinated foams and how to convert your current system from


About the speaker:

Philip Novac is the Vice President of Sales for National Foam. Philip has been associated with, led or managed all of National Foam’s fluorine-free foam initiatives over the last several years. This includes specific portfolio foam concentrates for Oil and Gas, municipal, industrial, aviation and MilSpec (Department of Defense).

Philip led the introduction of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) foam concentrates into Canada and advised numerous Canadian Airports on the successful conversion from fluorinated aviation foams to non-fluorinated foams. He is also National Foam’s special project lead dealing specifically with the Department of Defense and Naval Research Laboratory. Philip is also the past Fire Fighting Foam Coalition Chairman (FFFC) in Washington, DC.


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