Strength in Numbers

Welcome to the Levitt-Safety 'Strength in Numbers' initiative, in partnership with Bruce Power.


Strength in Numbers is about using collective buying power to give Ontarians access to critical PPE at a better price than possible through individual efforts alone. We encourage you to browse the site and shop from our carefully curated list of emergency supply products. If you are struggling to source specific items that are not on our list, please reach out to us and we’ll put our sourcing team on it. Together with Bruce Power, we're here to help.


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Great news: We are not limiting how much an individual customer can order; it is on a first come, first served basis.


Featured Items:

3-Ply Disposable Mask

Levitt-Safety Part Number: M123

  • 3-ply barrier protection

  • Metal nose bar

  • 95% bacterial filtration efficiency

Liquid Hand Sanitizer, 8oz

Levitt-Safety Part Number: BAL7059S (other sizes available)

  • Spray or pour directly on skin and rub in evenly

  • Anti-bacterial cleanser  

  • Gentle on skin, leaves hands feeling soft

All Clean Natural Hand and Surface Sanitizing Wipes

Levitt-Safety Part Number: BAL7045

  • Gentle on sensitive skin and leaves hands feeling soft
  • Fragrance free 
  • No oily or sticky residue left behind


Curious about quality assurance? We have a robust system in place as part of normal operations, but here's a look at how we're managing the influx of new products and new suppliers during these unprecedented times. Without compromise, we commit to ensuring our customers get the same quality they have come to expect from us over the last 80 years. Because safety matters, it's all that we do. 



For more details about Bruce Power and the Strength in Numbers initiative, please visit their website.