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NLT Digital is made up of two components:

  1. N-Connex: The network that moves data.
  2. Digital Mine Solutions: The software suite that enables you to take actions based on data.

About N-Connex

  • Designed specifically for tunnels and mines
  • User friendly rail-based mounting system – Modules can be changed by non-technical personnel
  • Modular – plug and play for easy maintenance, rapid deployment and redeployment and expansion – no expertise required.
  • Pre-terminated IP67 ethernet and fibre cables – good for dusty and humid conditions
  • Supplies power to power over ethernet (PoE) devices up to 400m away. This means the ethernet cable you use to power a modem can be used to give power to surveillance cameras or phones.


About Digital Mine Software Suite of Safety and Productivity Software


  • Location tracking: Find people, equipment and assets.
  • Environmental monitoring: Gas detection, airflow, temperature, pressure, humidity/wet bulb, etc.
  • Emergency Management: Send commands to alarm systems to instruct workers to evacuate, use oxygen, etc.
  • Automation: Automate activities like increasing fan speed.
  • Text Messaging: Send information or alerts to people underground.
  • Real-Time Administration and Reporting: Create graphs to visualize indicators like humidity, gas build-up, productivity or traffic.


How NLT Digital software helps your whole team:

NLT Digital has been successfully used by miners around the globe to bring out gravel, salt, potash and precious metals.

NLT Digital will benefit your whole team in different ways. For instance:

  • Mine managers will appreciate the improvements in efficiency, productivity, cost savings and employee safety.
  • Safety managers will appreciate injury prevention, employee location and evacuation extraction during emergencies.
  • Operations teams will appreciate the communication systems and ability to automate processes.

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