The Ultimate Guide to Mining Safety

Canada is home to a thriving mining industry that continues to grow and prosper year after year.

We designed this guide to highlight the dangers workers face in the mining industry and the equipment, services and training that exist to improve worker safety and reduce occupational-related disease, injury and death.

Topics This Guide Covers:

  • 3 important statistics about mining in Canada
  • Safety in mining
  • Mining-related activity taking place across Canada
  • 7 things anyone in mining needs to understand
    • Fire protection and suppression systems
    • Personnel, vehicle and asset tracking
    • Limiting dust
    • Gas detection
    • Ventilation and environmental monitoring
    • Respiratory protection
    • Chemical spills and injuries
  • How preventative maintenance saves money
  • Mine rescue
  • How Levitt-Safety supports companies to mitigate risk


Levitt-Safety offers every product and service listed in the guide and our team of health and safety specialists are ready to help your company mitigate risk and support the health and safety of your team.


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