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Ansell Guardian® is a service that helps businesses reduce injuries, optimize PPE portfolios and increase productivity with tailor-made safety recommendations. The program combines 45 years of safety assessment experience with a data-driven methodology to deliver unique, personalized advice.



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Simplifying chemical protection

Ansell Guardian Partner provides digital tools to help companies select the right PPE solution to improve safety, productivity and cost performance.

The tool features a simple and intuitive user interface and is accessible on desktops, tablets and mobile devices.

  • Quick access to chemical permeation data for most common chemicals
  • Search for best options for hand and body protection
  • Customized on-site assessment to discuss your individual safety and business performance needs

Every company is different and so is every worker. And the operations these businesses undertake and the safety requirements they have are unique. This means that every assessment needs to be unique.

Every Ansell Guardian customer receives a tailor-made safety solution that is backed by data collected by 600+ safety experts over 17,000 individual assessments.


How Ansell Guardian helps:

  • Safety and Compliance: You’ll receive a personalized risk management solution that leads to improved worker safety, injury reduction and better regulatory compliance.
  • Cost Performance: Lower the overall costs for your company with insights to improve business performance.
  • Productivity: Optimize your PPE dispensing, improve your company’s output and eliminate waste with best-practice recommendations that lead to increased overall productivity.

Over the last 45 years, Ansell has helped companies reduce injuries, reduce the cost to protection, optimize PPE portfolios and increase compliance through the Ansell Guardian program.


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