Looking for a new vehicle fire suppression system or a provider to service your existing one?
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Is your Vehicle Fire Suppression partner providing all this? If not, they should be.

Here's what to consider when selecting a vehicle fire suppression system provider:

#1: Will you have access to leading manufacturers? By working with a provider who partners with the best in the business, you can be sure you are receiving competitive pricing, short lead times on parts and equipment that works as intended. Ask your provider about their relationship with manufacturers!


#2: Are technicians manufacturer trained and certified? Ensuring every system is installed to manufacturer specifications improves the reliability of your heavy equipment and keeps your compliant with local and industry regulations. Each technician should be able provide certifications from their current employer.





#4: Is reporting available? A good relationship should go beyond an install. System CAD drawings, monthly vehicle performance reporting and help in developing your company's vehicle fire suppression standards are services that you should be able to count on from your provider. Don't be afraid to inquire about services offered after installation.











#3: Will you be provided on-going service support? Having a service team in place means regular maintenance and the support you need for unplanned events. Abilities to support remote locations can also mean less downtime for you! You should ask in advance about service capabilities and what an on-going relationship will look like.



The solution to your vehicle fire suppression system needs.

Levitt-Safety can take care of your project from conception to completion and ensure that it's finished on time and on budget.


With over 50 years in the vehicle fire suppression business and a team of in-house experts dedicated to vehicle fire suppression, you can be sure you're putting your spend in the right place. We provide installation and servicing of leading systems from Ansul, Kidde, Amerex and Fogmaker.


After an assessment of your needs, we provide suggestions on the best fire suppression system for your application. We work without throughout the process to ensure your needs are being met.

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Every one of our technicians is manufacturer trained and certified and ensures that your system is installed to manufacturer specifications. This improves the reliability of your heavy equipment and confirms that you are in compliance with local regulations.


We work in conjunction with your internal build or mechanical teams to guarantee your project or maintenance is completed on time with minimal interruptions to daily operations.



With a national network of service technicians, we aim to service most areas of Canada in a timely manner, minimizing your downtime.


We book and perform any required preventative maintenance to maximize the life span of your equipment.


Whether on a new install or existing system, we fully support any unplanned interruptions and get your machinery back up and running as soon as possible.

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Our dedicated team is here to help! 


After installation, we offer system specific CAD drawings which allow you to fulfill any QA/QC and reliability assurance programs you may have. This also provides a reference for future builds on similar equipment.

We also offer monthly reporting to document vehicle fire suppression system's performance and unscheduled events in order to improve equipment reliability and your bottom line.

Backed by Leading Manufacturers:





Learn more about the systems offered by our leading manufactures

When a fire occurs, the Ansul Liquid Vehicle System goes through a series of actions to protect your equipment.

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The Kidde Signal System is designed and tested to protect your equipment in the most rugged environments.

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The Fogmaker system was designed and engineered to attack a fire form all sides.

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Amerex Vehicle Fire Suppresion Systems are designed to warn the operator and suppress the fire, protecting both equipment and people.

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