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Having a workplace fire safety assessment can save your people, assets and bottom line.

A plan can save your people, assets and bottom line. While having the proper fire extinguishers in place is a necessary element of any fire safety program, it’s not the complete answer. Having employees that are properly trained and prepared, can be the difference between a major fire and one that is contained.

fire simulator training

Simulator training is a realistic, convenient and cost effective way to train staff on how to properly use a fire extinguisher. Simulators can be used to create scenarios representative to the conditions you and your employees may experience in the workplace. There's no need to worry about weather, live burn permits or lengthy time away from the office. Training is done in a fun, friendly atmosphere which increases retention.

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live fire training

Safe and effective way to train your staff on the proper techniques and skills needed to contain and extinguish a fire. Our live fire course will familiarize the participants with a basic understanding of the operation of a fire extinguisher, with an emphasis on extinguisher types, sizes and classes. Live fire training can teach people how to think clearly and act calmly under the stress of an emergency situation.

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Portable Hand extinguishers & Wheeled units

It is important to understand the type of fire threat that may be present in your workplace and that you select the appropriate unit. Check out our Beginners Guide to Fire Extinguishers to help you in your selection process! We carry a full line of stored pressure, cartridge, CO2 and wheeled unit options from leading fire manufacturer Ansul.

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fire extinguisher service requirements

To guarantee the safety of your workers and facility you should ensure your fire extinguishers are properly maintained. As a general guide, we suggest monthly visual inspections and at least annual maintenance. For exact maintenance guidelines you should refer to your local Fire Code and NFPA 10.

Our team of technicians are factory-trained and working in ISO9001 certified facilities so you can be confident that any work done to your extinguisher is performed in a proper and highly skilled manner.

To guarantee the safety of your workers and facility as a whole, make sure that you’re aware of how often your hand portable extinguisher needs to be repaired, replaced and/or maintained.

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Many people don’t think about how they would react to a fire until it's too late.

*Statistic based on OSHA statistic that 70-80,000 fires happen yearly