Only 1 in 5 emergency shower and eyewash stations work as expected. DOES YOURS?

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Do you know the maintenance and inspection schedule for your emergency shower and eyewash units?

Performing regular maintenance and inspections ensures that your units are ready in an emergency -- saving the life of your staff.

Installing and maintaining emergency showers and eyewash stations can be tricky and time consuming.

That's why Levitt-Safety partners with leading manufacturers like HAWS to offer free of charge on-site evaluation and testing.

Reviews Include:

  • Thorough check for proper installation and activation to assess equipment performance requirements to ANSI Z358.1 standard.
  • Detailed report with an executive summary of the current state of the equipment.
  • Inspection report for each asset that identifies and documents compliance gaps, potential root causes and recommendations for fixes.

Don’t assume your emergency equipment is working. Book a review today!