Proper protection of respirator users is the overall goal of any respiratory program. If you're looking to develop or improve your organization's respiratory program, this guide is there to help.  Having a solid understanding of what's required to keep your workers protected is crucial. This guide will lead you through the necessary elements of an effective respiratory protection program.

Why it's important:

As estimated five million workers are required to wear a respirator in 1.3 million workplaces throughout North America.  Respirators protect workers from airborne hazards and biological contaminants, preventing impairment, disease and even death.

What you will learn:

From the basics of what respiratory protection is and why it's important, to the more in-depth types of fit testing available - this guide is here to help! 

Generally, if respiratory protective equipment is being used, employers are required to do the following:

  • Provide the appropriate equipment
  • Ensure that it is properly fitted to each individual
  • Ensure that workers using respiratory equipment are adequately trained
  • Ensure proper selection, use and care of equipment

This guide walks you through each of these steps to make sure your program is providing the necessary protection to workers.