Emergency showers and eyewash stations play a major role in first aid protocols and can vastly decrease injuries and improve outcomes associated to chemical splash incidents. With an alarming industry average compliance rate of only 12% do you think your shower and eyewash stations would pass the test?

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PASSED... that's great! But don't forget, without routine weekly activation/inspections and annual inspections and proper maintenance, there’s no guarantee they will be ready to use in an emergency.


ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT?...don't worry, that's why we're here. Keep reading!

The installation and servicing of your emergency shower and eyewash equipment can become a complicated and time-consuming undertaking. As your partner in all things safety, Levitt-Safety works with you to take your project from start to finish.


Working with leading manufacturers we are able to help you:

  1. Mitigate Risk
  2. Achieve ANSI Legislative Compliance
  3. Improve Safety & Reliability of your Emergency Shower & Eyewash Stations

Project Engagement:

Meet with our team of experts who partner with leading manufacturers to discuss design decisions, shape project cost and review risks.


System Implementation:

Flawless installation and execution by certified technicians.  We use only the best parts and trained staff to bring you the peace of mind that your equipment will function when it’s needed the most.


Design and Engineering:

Unique requirements demand custom solutions.  We partner with the best manufacturers in the business to bring you high quality compliant systems that ready to perform in an emergency.

Lifecycle Services:

We can help you ensure continuous compliance by conducting routine annual inspections and proper preventative maintenance. We also offer third party reviews by certified technicians, free of charge.

Backed by Leading Manufactures:


While many workplaces acknowledge the importance of the ANSI Z358.1 standard, routine maintenance and inspections are commonly overlooked.

Here's how our services can help. 

INITIAL ANSI Z358.1 THIRD-PARTY REVIEW Conducted by certified technicians, our no-charge reviews consist of a comprehensive evaluation of the installation and condition of your ESEW equipment. Our detailed inspection report documents any deficiencies and provides possible causes as well as the recommendations you need to become compliant. Book your review now →



ANNUAL ANSI Z358.1 INSPECTIONS ANSI compliance is a crucial component of emergency shower and eyewash first aid treatment. Our certified Levitt-Safety service technicians offer complete third-party annual inspections to ensure your emergency shower and eyewash are ready to use in the event of an emergency. Through in depth, on-site evaluations, units are tested to the ANSI Z358.1 standard to ensure proper compliance, function and performance.

Training Knowing what to look for when performing routine weekly testing can in tough. During our reviews, we help equip your staff with the knowledge and skills they need to perform mandatory weekly checks.

Preventative Maintenance and Repairs With a large inventory of parts on-hand we are equipped to provide on-site service to your portable or plumbed system in accordance to the manufactures specifications. We guarantee accurate cleaning, inspection, and replacement of necessary parts and/or units to ensure proper functionality and longevity of emergency equipment.

Here are some resources to help you become compliant and improve the safety of your workers:

HOW WE CAN HELP. We take your project from start to finish. Learn more about our reviews, annual inspection and routine maintenance service.

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ANSI Z358.1 SIMPLIFIED. Your complete guide to all the ANSI highlights, what you need to know to be compliance and tips on how to keep your emergency equipment in good working order.
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ANSI INSPECTION CHECKLIST.  This checklist highlights the ANSI standards and can be referenced to ensure your equipment is compliant. 

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Ask us how we can take your project from start to finish to improve safety and compliance.