Having the correct fire extinguisher in the workplace should be a major part of your overall fire safety plan.  Fire extinguishers come in many different types, sizes and capabilities, and selecting the correct one is necessary.  This guide will walk you through some fire extinguisher basics and help you in your selection.  

Why it's important:

Having a fire safety program in place can help your business prevent major losses to human life, property and the environment.  The damage and resulting downtime from even a "small fire" can have negative impacts on a company's overall success.

What you will learn:

  • The elements of a fire
  • Fire classifications
  • What is in a fire extinguishers and how they work
  • Ratings and proper fire extinguisher usage

This guide walks you through each of these elements so you can better understand fire extinguishers and ensure you have the correct type for your hazards.